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Sipgrep is a powerful pcap-aware tool command line tool to sniff, capture, display and troubleshoot SIP signaling over IP networks, allowing the user to specify extended regular expressions matching against SIP headers.

The first version of this program (dated AD 2005) was a small wrapper for ngrep. Version 2.x provides a full standalone application with numerous additional features geared towards SIP, building upon the excellent ngrep code baseline.


  • libpcap
  • libpcre

On Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev libpcre3-dev

On CentOS/RHEL: yum install libpcap-devel pcre-devel


Clone from GIT:

cd /usr/src
git clone

Build and Install:

cd sipgrep
make && make install


./sipgrep  -V

sipgrep: V2.00, $Revision: 2.00 $

./sipgrep -h

usage: sipgrep <-ahNViwgGJpevxlDTRMmqCJj> <-IO pcap_dump> <-n num> <-d dev> <-A num>
             <-s snaplen> <-S limitlen> <-c contact user> <-j user agent>
	     <-f from user>  <-t to user> <-H capture url> <-q seconds>
             <-P portrange> <-F file> <match expression> <bpf filter>
   -h  is help/usage
   -V  is version information
   -e  is show empty packets
   -i  is ignore case
   -v  is invert match
   -R  is don't do privilege revocation logic
   -w  is word-regex (expression must match as a word)
   -p  is don't go into promiscuous mode
   -l  is make stdout line buffered
   -D  is replay pcap_dumps with their recorded time intervals
   -T  is print delta timestamp every time a packet is matched
   -m  is don't do dialog match
   -M  is don't do multi-line match (do single-line match instead)
   -I  is read packet stream from pcap format file pcap_dump
   -O  is dump matched packets in pcap format to pcap_dump
   -n  is look at only num packets
   -A  is dump num packets after a match
   -s  is set the bpf caplen
   -S  is set the limitlen on matched packets
   -C  is no colors in stdout
   -c  is search user in Contact: header
   -f  is search user in From: header
   -t  is search user in To: header
   -F  is read the bpf filter from the specified file
   -H  is homer sipcapture URL (i.e. udp:
   -N  is show sub protocol number
   -g  is disabled clean up dialogs during trace
   -G  is print dialog report during clean up
   -J  is kill friendly scanner automatically
   -j  is kill friendly scanner automatically matching user agent string
   -q  is close sipgrep after some time
   -a  is enable reasembling
   -P  is use specified portrange instead of default 5060-5061
   -d  is use specified device instead of the pcap default


#Find a dialog there From user contains '2323232'
sipgrep -f 2323232

#Find a dialog there To user contains '1111' and print dialog report
sipgrep -f 1111 -G

#Display only 603 replies without dialog match
sipgrep '^SIP/2.0 603' -m

#Display only OPTIONS and NOTIFY requests
sipgrep '^(OPTIONS|NOTIFY)'

#Display only SUBSCRIBE dialog
sipgrep 'CSeq:\s?\d* (SUBSCRIBE|PUBLISH|NOTIFY)' -M

#Kill friendly-scanner
sipgrep -J

#Kill friendly-scanner with custom UAC
sipgrep -j sipvicious

#Display dialogs and duplicate all traffic to HOMER sipcapture in HEPv3
sipgrep -f 23333 -H udp:

#collect all Calls/Regisrations dialogs during 120 seconds, print reports and exit.
sipgrep -g -G -q 120


Dialog finished: [53342c3b200e-hgf9cyc7r0i2]
Type: Call
From: "From Work with Love" <>;tag=fucueumi19
To: <;user=phone>
UAC: snom360/
CDR init ts: 1395928127
CDR ringing ts: 1395928128
SRD(PDD): 1 sec
CDR answer ts: 1395928136
WTA: 9 sec
CDT (duration): 70 sec
CDR termination ts: 1395928206
Was connected: YES

Dialog finished: [552E1549D6A9E0F3@]
Type: Registration
From: <>;tag=3598882807
To: <>
UAC: AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 Annex A 58.04.67 (Dec 18 2008)
CDR init ts: 1395928251
CDR termination ts: 1395928251
SDT: 0 sec
Was registered: YES

Dialog finished: [2d714880c68a824dae62049eecc91599]
Type: Call
From: 7001<sip:7001@xxxxxxx>;tag=1244ddd6
To: 448455915802<sip:448455915802@xxxxxxx>
UAC: sipcli/v1.8
CDR init ts: 1395928246
SDT: 8 sec
CDR termination ts: 1395928254
Was connected: NO

Colorful SIP Output:



Copyright (c) 2014 Alexandr Dubovikov

sipgrep is released under GNU GPL v3. See COPYING for details.

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