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Sirikata is a BSD-licensed platform for networked 3d environments
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analysis/src Clean up PID files on exit.
bench/src Make StreamListeners into Services.
build Added SECCOMP helper function to fallback to SECCOMP2 under LXC where…
cdn Require names for all IOServices. While changing every place we creat…
cppoh/src Add Tweet bloom filters as extra query data.
crashreporter/src Remove CURL dependency.
cseg Clean up PID files on exit.
debian Bump version to 0.0.25
demo Add a scene file with just an avatar.
doc Copyright cleanup.
externals Rev prox to f5c2a0fcf051b340b381bc3b429da7b0d14ba933
libcassandra Make each Cassandra component responsible for creating column familie…
libcore allow requests for hugepages in memmgr interface if USE_MMAP is enabled
libogre Merge branch 'master' of
liboh Fix bad interaction between switching static/dynamic trees and migrat…
libpintoloc Add custom query data support and a Twitter term+region query handler.
libproxyobject Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into manual-query
libsdl Prefix PLATFORM preprocessor definitions with SIRIKATA_.
libspace Add support for stochastic simplification + fix some simplification b…
libsqlite Improve logging in SQLite classes.
libtwitter Make coalescing first set of results optional, disable by default.
pinto/src Provide leaf object notifications for AggregateManagers.
scripts Allow cbr_wrapper to wrap cppoh.
simoh/src Improve build time after SSTImpl.hpp is updated
space/src Fix #523 by causing disconnects to be handled for objects still in th…
test Added standard zlib compressor/decompressor
tools Merge branch 'sst-timers'
.gitignore Ignore system test output.
.gitmodules Add json-spirit submodule.
AUTHORS Added a lot of template files, and some simpler function implementati…
Doxyfile Update doxyfile to add some missing directories.
LICENSE * Complete renaming of system to Sirikata.
Makefile added liblzham dependency"
README Add a README file so some information will show up on the main GitHub… No longer get a bunch of jquery code in the results of sgrep.


What is Sirikata?
Sirikata is a BSD licensed open source platform for games and virtual
worlds. We aim to provide a set of libraries and protocols which can
be used to deploy a virtual world, as well as fully featured sample
implementations of services for hosting and deploying these worlds.

Where can I find out more?
The most up to date information can always be found at  The source code is available from GitHub at
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