Helps setup a nice nodereference UI using automodal and draggableviews. This is mainly an experiment and I DO NOT recommend using it on a production site.
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Draggable References

This is an attempt at a 'Configurable Feature' for Drupal. It consists of a default panel, view and variable override to setup a nice UI for adding and ordering a child content type which has a nodereference to a parent content type. It attempts to make the content types themselves ambiguous by giving you a setting page to control which is the parent, which is the child.




  • Download and install this module and it's dependencies.
  • Enable this module which will enable it's dependencies.
  • Create a 'Parent' content type. Page is used by default.
  • Create a 'Child' content type. Story is used by default.
  • On your 'Child' content type, create a new 'Node Reference' field with the 'Reference from URL' widget provided by the nodereference_url module which references your 'Parent' content type.
  • Go to /admin/settings/dragref and tell it which node type is your 'Parent' and which node type is your 'Child'.

Known bugs

  • We should check to make sure that the child noderef point to the parent.