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go-mailgun is a simple library that sends email messages via Mailgun.


Before sending any emails, an account on Mailgun is required, and a domain must be configured and an API key created.

Sending messages from Go

There are two ways to send email through Mailgun using this module.

  1. Specify individual fields of the message
  2. create a MIME email message and send that.

Client configuration

A Mailgun client is configured by passing in the API key and the domain

	mg_client := mailgun.NewClient("YOUR-API-KEY-HERE", "")

Sending an Email using Individual Fields

This is a simple way to send mail through the API. When sending a message, the sender's email address, the recipient's email address, the subject, and the body must all be specified.

	message := mailgun.Message{
		FromName:    "Foo From",
		FromAddress: "",
		ToAddress:   "",
		Subject:     "test message",
		Body:        "This is the body of the message. It's not very interesting.",


Sending a pre-generated MIME message

This part of the API will take a MIME message and send it via Mailgun's MIME endpoint. It does not do any validation on the MIME message passed in.

	mime_message := mailgun.MimeMessage{
		ToAddress:   "",
		Content: mimeContents}


Example App

See the example app (from which most of the above code was ripped).


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.