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Prototypal Inheritance In Python
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Prototypal Inheritance In Python

This is an experimental project to bring prototypal inheritance (JavaScript style) to Python.

I am doing this for a few reasons:

  1. To see if it's possible
  2. To see if a reasonable API can be made for it
  3. As a useful library for problem domains where prototype inheritance makes more sense than normal Python inheritance
  4. I was bored

Using prototypal inheritance

Obtain the piip library from GitHub and install it in your project.

Start coding prototypically:

from piip import pobject, pattributes

# pobject is the root protypal object. Extend from it with new():

my_first_object =

# you can assign attributes to an object and those values will be
# visible to children:

my_first_object.var_one = "hello"
my_second_object =

print(my_second_object.var_one)  # "hello"

# By default, if you assign a function to an object, the function will
# be totally unbound, like a "staticmethod":

def static_method(a, b): # NO self!
    return a + b

my_first_object.unbound_method = static_method
print(my_first_object.unbound_method(5, 6))  # "11"

# You can create bound methods with the bind function:

def my_bound_func(self, b):
    return self.a + b

my_first_object.a = 5
print(my_first_object.my_bound_func(6))  # "11"

# This is especially nice as a decorator:

def another_bound_func(self):
    return self.x * 2

my_first_object.x = 3
print(my_first_object.another_bound_func())  # "6"

# And of course, bound functions behave sanely on new objects:
another_obj =
another_obj.x = 5
print(another_obj.another_bound_func())  # "10"
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