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Keyboard layouts that include characters needed for typesetting scholarly documents including Persian and/or Arabic according to Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft (DMG)'s transliteration system.
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These keyboard layouts were created sometime between 2010 and 2011. The Windows version is unchanged since then but reportedly still works fine even for Windows 10. The Linux version has had to undergo some change, and, for now, consists of a simple Rakefile.

See below for installation instructions. PRs welcome!

What it looks like


How to get it


See the ancient release page for installer files or just download the zip file directly, unzip, run setup.exe.

After installation, the DMG layout will be immediately available.


The following steps will all have to be executed in a terminal window. If you don't have experience with that or don't feel comfortable doing it, get a friend to do it. If she's got just a little bit of experience with Linux or another Unix-based operating system, chances are this will be easy for her.

Heads up: de_dmg will only work with Xorg/X11-based Linux distributions, which is the overwhelming majority. The notable exceptions are Fedora >= 25, RHEL 8 and Ubuntu from 17.10 to 18.04. At least in the case of the latter it seems to be easy to replace Wayland with Xorg again, though.

1. Prerequisites

Debian-based (including Ubuntu and Linux Mint)

sudo apt install git rake xsltproc bash sed grep coreutils xkb-data

Solus 4.0 (possibly older versions, too, but go and upgrade already!)

sudo eopkg it git ruby libxslt bash sed grep coreutils

2. Download

git clone

3. Install

cd de_dmg/linux
sudo rake install
After Installation, the layout (called German (DMG); the name is not l10n'd!) will not yet be available. Logging the user out and back in again should suffice to make it appear, but depending on whether that causes X to restart or not, a reboot might be required.
Heads up: each and every time your system updates the xkb-data package, the files modified by the last of the above commands will have any changes removed from them, and de_dmg will have to be installed anew.


Please see for information on how you can help.

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