Comically fast Dota 2 & CSGO replay parser written in Java.
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Clarity 2

Clarity is a parser for Dota 2 and CSGO replay files written in Java.

Version 2.3 released

Today (July 16, 2018) version 2.3 has been released. Biggest new feature is the support for reading CSGO replays, as well as other small fixes and improvements

Replay Data

clarity produces the following data you might be interested in from a replay. Choose from:

  • combat log: a detailed log of events that happened in the game
  • entities: in-game things like heroes, players, and creeps
  • modifiers: auras and effects on in-game entities
  • temporary entities: fire-and-forget things the game server tells the client about*
  • user messages: many different things, including spectator clicks, global chat messages, overhead events (like last-hit gold, and much more), particle systems, etc.*
  • game events: lower-level messages like Dota TV control (directed camera commands, for example), etc.*
  • voice data: commentary in pro matches*
  • sounds: sounds that occur in the game*
  • overview: end-of-game summary, including players, game winner, match id, duration, and often picks/bans

* unprocessed: data is provided as original protobuf message object


  • Java 7 or newer
  • Maven


Fetch the current stable version (2.3) from Maven Central with


Clarity 2.4 is work in progress and only available as a snapshot, so you got to add a pointer to the repository to your pom.xml (see the pom.xml of clarity-examples, which already does that)

To add the snapshot repository, add the following:

		<name>Sonatype OSS Snapshot Repository</name>

and then fetch the dependency with:


Example Code

For example code, please see the the separate project clarity-examples.


See LICENSE in the project root.