Final project for Information Visualization class, Fall 2017.
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Edit Distance with Projection

Trajectory View

This project reads in ADS-B info as downloadable from ADS-B Exchange, and renders plane trajectories by using the lat, long and postime fields of the data, applying a trajectory comparison algorithm to produce distances that a clustering algorithm consumes for the coloring.

The front-end leverages ES6 features commonly supported by modern browsers, such as fat arrow notation, template literals, class syntax, and for...of notation. The EDwP algorithm is written in C# for faster speed while still retaining the readability of a high-level language. Visual Studio 2017 will be required to compile the bin.

Libraries used:

  • d3.js
  • Newtonsoft Json
  • pillow
  • psycopg2
  • py-wget
  • selenium
  • sklearn


Script Description to edit json errors in ADS-B Exchange json files. to create the postgre tables converts raw json into postgresql takes given number of paths, output to data_perplane/. Also saves icao info in icao-db/ segments paths from data_perplane/ simplifies paths using VW algo, then output to data_simple-segments/ Creates a listing of files for use by and C# EDwP.
edwp.exe Applies EDwP to trajectories to create distance matrix, distmatrix.json Given a distmatrix.json, clusters trajectories into dbscanned.json Constructs an icaodb.json for frontend to reference.
Utilities Description Combines all json files in given directory and outputs as json.

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Plane info ADSBexchange,