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The home of the Haxe Roundup's (Work in Progress)
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The home of the Haxe Roundups.

Contributing... the Haxe Roundups

If you have a link you would like to be included in the the next roundup and it was published since the last roundup was released, you can add it to the latest issue, named Haxe Roundup ### where ### is the next roundup's issue number.

The link should include the link url, which is pretty obvious, and if possible the author's social handle (any social account can be used).

When adding a link to a roundup todo list please use the following markdown.

- [ ] optional description [link name](/link/to/item) by [Persons Name](link/to/person) article

If you have tips, tricks, ideas, or techniques to contribute to, then you're more than welcome to help provide others with solid and useful articles. Just fork the repository and add your article to the articles folder.

The file format should be markdown, but if you can justify your reason for using a different format, go for it.

...your personal opinion (related to the Haxe ecosystem)

You're more than welcome to write about your personal opinion. Just fork the repository and create a folder using your name or a social handle, prefixed with @. Eg @skial. Then create a markdown file and get writing.

I'm fine with cross site publishing and do not personally attack anyone. It won't be accepted.


Don't hesitate to file a new issue or join in on an existing issue.


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