Blender COLLADA importer using pycollada
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Blender COLLADA import/export

This IO addon is based on pycollada library. It was created as a replacement for current Blender 2.5, OpenCOLLADA/C++ export/import, which is buggy and suffers from external dependencies.

COLLADA 1.4.1 features (import)

  • Geometry
    • Triangle mesh
    • Polylist (quads)
  • Rendering
    • Constant, Lambert, Phong and Blinn shaders
    • Textures with alpha channel
    • Reflectivity
    • Transparency
  • Camera
    • Perspective
    • Orthographic

Blender features (export)

  • Triangle/Quad meshes (using COLLADA triangles and polylist)
  • Smoothing groups (separate primitive sets for smooth and flat faces)
  • Object parenting (using COLLADA nodes)