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Slim API

A collection of tools for generating API end points from the command line using Slim

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  1. slim-acl slim-acl Public

    ACL middleware for slim, using Zend\Permissions\Acl

    PHP 16 10

  2. slim-api slim-api Public

    Command line interface for generating API end points with Slim

    PHP 11 1

  3. slim-oauth slim-oauth Public

    PHP 10 3

  4. slim-json slim-json Public

    JSON middleware, detects is Accept header is json-y and attempts to json encode the output.

    PHP 5 1

  5. slim-mvc slim-mvc Public

    A module for slim-api for mvc, creating structure, generators for creating controllers/models and scaffold

    PHP 2 1

  6. slim-eloquent slim-eloquent Public

    Eloquent module for Slim API

    PHP 1


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