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Benchmarks benchmarking tweaks
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ix minor fixes (GHC's kind checking improved)
pa some examples of shift0/reset0 that change the return type
CodensityHandlers.hs Mild tidying and change the README link to point to the new draft.
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Cont.hs move Cont back
DesugarHandlers.hs fix for TH 2.9 - now works with GHC 7.8.2
FreeHandlers.hs Mild tidying and change the README link to point to the new draft.
FreeIdiomHandlers.hs Playing around with idiom handlers using a free idiom.
FreeTopLevel.hs Merge branch 'master' of
Handlers.hs Merge branch 'master' of
ParseCode.hs tweaks
ParseHandlers.hs Support type arguments in handles clauses that are not type variables update link to paper
ShallowCodensityHandlers.hs tweaks and shallow codensity performance
ShallowFreeHandlers.hs more tidying
TopLevel.hs more tidying tweaks clean up Windows rubbish tweaks
handlers.rkt tweaks
handlers.sml Haskell |-> SML tweaks

Effect handlers

Effect handler libraries.

Written by Ohad Kammar, Sam Lindley and Nicolas Oury.

  • GHC: Handlers.hs
  • OCaml:
  • SML/NJ: handlers.sml
  • Racket: handlers.rkt

GHC examples:

  • Examples/

GHC benchmarks:

  • Benchmarks/

See the paper for further details.

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