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Create maildirs and write mails into it in Go
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package maildir

This package is used for writing mails to a maildir, according to the specification located at


   type Maildir struct {
       // The root path ends with a /, others don't, so we can have 
       // the child of a maildir just with path + "." + encodedChildName.
       Path string

Represent a folder in a maildir. The root folder is usually the Inbox.

func New(path string, create bool) (m *Maildir, err os.Error)

Open a maildir. If create is true and the maildir does not exist, create it.

func (m *Maildir) Child(name string, create bool) (*Maildir, os.Error)

Get a subfolder of the current folder. If create is true and the folder does not exist, create it.

func (m *Maildir) CreateMail(data io.Reader) (filename string, err os.Error)

Write a mail to the maildir folder. The data is not encoded or compressed in any way.

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