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Implementation of "Anchor Loss: Modulating loss scale based on prediction difficulty"
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Anchor Loss in PyTorch

PyTorch implementation of Anchor Loss: Modulating loss scale based on prediction difficulty, Serim Ryou, Seong-Gyun Jeong, Pietro Perona, ICCV 2019

Anchor Loss

anchorloss This code provides anchor loss on image classification. To train the model with anchor loss, include and call the AnchorLoss() function.

from anchor_loss import AnchorLoss

gamma = 0.5
slack = 0.05
anchor = 'neg'
warm_up = False

criterion = AnchorLoss(gamma, slack, anchor, warm_up)

The default parameter settings are shown above. Details about the parameters are explained in the

If you use this code, please cite it:

  author = {Ryou, Serim and Jeong, Seong-Gyun and Perona, Pietro},
  title = {Anchor Loss: Modulating Loss Scale Based on Prediction Difficulty},
  booktitle = {The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)},
  month = {October},
  year = {2019}
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