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We are open to contributions, check our good first issues!

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Just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist

Anonymous on Tumblr - 2012

sls-mentor is a tool that analyzes the configuration of your AWS resources against best practice rules.
sls-mentor solves problems before they occur, and optimizes your app’s performances and costs.

Check our website for more information!

Install sls-mentor on your project and customize your experience πŸ”Ž

yarn add -D sls-mentor

Select the cloudformation stacks you want to check using -c option

yarn sls-mentor -c {YOUR_AWS_STACK_NAME_1} {YOUR_AWS_STACK_NAME_2}

Filter the checked resources by tags using the -t option

yarn sls-mentor -t Key={TAG_KEY},Value={TAG_VALUE}

Specify an AWS profile or an AWS region using -p and -r options


πŸ“š More information about local runs of sls-mentor

Run sls-mentor as a periodic check on your CI πŸ“Ÿ

The command you want to run in your pipeline is:


Github actions, Circle CI, Gitlab CI configuration snippets coming soon πŸš€

⚠️ To make sure it properly works when executed by a pipeline runner:

Check out our articles, to find out more:

About sls-mentor πŸ“°

sls-mentor is a Theodo Group project made for AWS Serverless developers by AWS Serverless developers. Original idea appeared at Aleios. sls-mentor was migrated to Typescript and enriched by Kumo.