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ReBench - Execute and Document Benchmarks Reproducibly

ReBench is a tool to run and document benchmarks. Currently, its focus lies on benchmarking virtual machines, but nonetheless it can be used to benchmark all kind of other applications/programs, too.

To facilitate the documentation of benchmarks, ReBench uses a text-based configuration format. The configuration files contain all aspects of the benchmark. They describe which binary was used, which parameters where given to the benchmarks, and the number of iterations to be used to obtain statistically reliable results.

Thus, the documentation contains all benchmark-specific informations to reproduce a benchmark run. However, it does not capture the whole systems information, and also does not include build settings for the binary that is benchmarked. These informations can be included as comments, but are not captured automatically.

The data of all benchmark runs is recorded in a data file and allows to continue aborted benchmark runs at a later time.

The data can be exported for instance as CSV or visualized with the help of box plots.

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Even though, we do not share code with JavaStats, it was a strong inspiration for the creation of ReBench.

Furthermore, our thanks go to Travis CI for their services.

Related Work

As already mentioned JavaStats was an important inspiration and also comes with an OOPSLA paper titled Statistically Rigorous Java Performance Evaluation. When you want to benchmark complex systems like virtual machines this is definitely one of the important papers to read.

Similar, Caliper is a framework for micro benchmarks and also discusses important pitfalls not only for Microbenchmarks.

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