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Yoya-thumber is a dynamic image thumbnailing proxy.


  • Support image scaling. Both of scaling up and scaling down. You can specify output width or height.
  • Easy to use. Since it behave as a HTTP proxy, what you should do is only passing an origin image url to the yoya-thumber.
  • Support multiple image formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG. If input image format and output image format are different, yoya-thumber automatically converts the image format.
  • Works as a standalone HTTP server.
  • Possible to superimpose text or another image on an image.
  • Support image compression level adjustment. (Output image format must be JPEG or WEBP.)
  • Stable. This software is already USED IN PRODUCTION environment in SmartNews.


  • Golang (Higher version is better. We tested on Golang 1.9.1, as of Oct 2017.)
  • ImageMagick (We strongly recommend to use 6.9.9-15 or higher.)

Install (CentOS 7, Amazon Linux)

  • ImageMagick
$ sudo yum install libjpeg-turbo-devel libpng-devel giflib-devel libwebp-devel fontconfig-devel
$ tar xfz ImageMagick-6.9.9-15.tar.gz
$ cd ImageMagick-6.9.9-15
$ ./configure --disable-openmp --disable-opencl --with-webp --with-fontconfig -without-perl
$ make
$ sudo make install
  • GoImagick
$ go get gopkg.in/gographics/imagick.v2/imagick
$ go install gopkg.in/gographics/imagick.v2/imagick
  • yoya-thumber
$ go get github.com/smartnews/yoya-thumber/thumberd
$ go install github.com/smartnews/yoya-thumber/thumberd

Install (Ubuntu)


Install (Docker)

docker build . -t yoya-thumber
docker run -p 8000:8000 -it yoya-thumber


 $ thumberd -local localhost:8000

The HTTP server of thumberd (yoya-thumber) starts up. In this case, yoya-thumber will wait at the port 8000, but only access from localhost will be accepted. If you do not want to restrict the source host, you should do as following.

 $ thumberd -local

Note that you must put the config file thumberd.toml in your current directory or in the /etc directory. You can find a sample of config file at: https://github.com/smartnews/yoya-thumber/blob/master/files/thumberd.toml

URL example


  • url: upstream image URL (required, should be url-encoded.)
  • w: thumbnail width (e.g. 300)
  • h: thumbnail height (e.g. 300)
  • fo: output format (supported type: jpeg, png, gif, webp)
  • cm: crop mode: 0:none, 1:crop, 2:margin
  • cal: crop area limitation
  • bg: background color
  • g: crop or margin gravity
  • q: quality of output image
  • u: upscale enable
  • a: force aspect
  • t: text annotation
  • tg: text gravity
  • ts: text size
  • tc: text color
  • tf: text font name
  • tm: text margin
  • io: overlap image URL
  • iog: overlap image gravity
  • iox: overlap image x offset
  • ioy: overlap image y offset
  • iow: overlap image width
  • ioh: overlap image height


  • The value of url parameter should be url-encoded.
  • If the both of w and h parameters are specified, by default, stronger (stricter) one is used. In other words, the aspect ratio of the original image will be kept. You can change the behavior by cm option.
  • At each request, you can specify the value of HTTP referer, by simply passing the Referer header in your HTTP request.
  • Yoya-thumber's command line interface might be changed in the future. We'll do enough announcements before the change.


You can customize some behavior of yoya-thumber by editing the config file. Config file format is TOML. For example, you can set the user-agent. For more details, see files/thumberd.toml

Why the name is yoya-thumber

Yoya comes from the name of core developer. He wrote this software under contract with SmartNews, Inc.


  • Yoya-thumber is licensed under 3-clause BSD license. For more details, see LICENSE file.
  • Yoya-thumber is a fork of go-thumber. The copyright of the original part is owned by pixiv Inc. (A part of thumberd.go is concerned, but it is difficult to separate it clearly.)