Clojure lib to use OpenID and OAuth with step2-lib on Google App Engine
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About clj-gae-step2

This library is a Clojure wrapper for the step2 library, a Java implementation of a hybrid protocol to combine the OpenID authentication and the OAuth authorization protocols.

IDP Discovery

Here is an example for a Compojure request handler that performs the OpenID discovery and responds with the information from the XRDS document:

(defn start-openid-handler
  (let [domain (get-in request [:params :domain])
        destination-url ""
        realm ""
        auth-info (openid/openid-auth-information domain destination-url realm)]
    (store-in-session! request (:discovery-information auth-info))
    (redirect-to (:destination-url auth-info))))

The domain for the OpenID provider (IDP) is given as request parameter. The auth-info containes two fields, one for the discovery information that is saved in the current session and will be used to verify the OpenID authentification. This contains informations about the OpenID discovery endpoint, used protocol versions etc. The other field in auth-info is the destination URL, the URL to request the login authorization.

OpenID Authentification

Here is an example for the request handler to complete the OpenID authorization that returns the user's identity:

(defn complete-openid-handler
  (let [receiving-url ""
        discovery-information (extract-discovery-information-from-session)
        auth-account (openid/openid-user-identity receiving-url
                                                  (:params request)
    (login (:claimed-id auth-account))))

To verify the user authorization the receiving URL of the complete-openid-handler as well as the discovery information from the session and the request parameters are required. The verified auth-account contains the user's OpenID and, if available, his e-mail address, first name and last name.