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SmartSight API

API for the SmartSight app

License: GPL v3 js-standard-style Build Status

SmartSight is an Android app powered by a deep learning engine that provides information about any object scanned by the device’s camera.


Please refer to our 📚 Wiki documentation.

Getting started

  • Clone the repo and its submodule: git clone --recursive
  • Install Python 3
  • Install Python requirements: pip install -r engine/requirements.txt
  • Set your Python 3 path
    • Duplicate the file .env.sample
    • Rename it .env
    • Change the SM_PYTHON_PATH value to your Python 3 interpreter (run which python3 in the command line to know it)
  • Install Node dependencies: npm install
  • Run the server: npm start
  • Listening on:

Development setup


Variable Default Description
SM_SERVER_HOST "" Address of the server
SM_SERVER_PORT 3000 Port of the server
SM_MODEL_DIR "/tmp/smartsight" Directory to store the classification graph
SM_PYTHON_PATH "" Path to the Python 3 interpreter

To change these environment variables, duplicate the file .env.sample, rename it .env and change the default values if necessary.


  • Watch: npm run dev
  • Lint: npm run lint
  • Fix lint: npm run lint:fix
  • Test: npm test


GPL © SmartSight


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