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Redis plugin for asdf version manager


This requires brew if you're on a mac, or a debian flavored linux. If you need it to work on something else, you'll likely need to modify the plugin.

  1. You will need a compiler.
  • Mac
    1. gcc
    2. Hit the ok button and it will install. If it already has it, then you are good.
  • Ubuntu
    1. sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential


asdf plugin-add redis

Try it out

  1. Open up a terminal and run redis-server. This will get it running on the standard port (6379)
  2. Open another terminal and run redis-cli. This will open the redis cli so you can manually set, get, and delete keys. For example:
~ % redis-cli> set someKey "boomdiggity"
OK> get someKey

As long as that initial terminal session is running, you should be able to use it on port 6379 on localhost. Have fun!


This is a bare bones install of redis. It has no configuration setup, no restart setup, or anything else. It's just the binaries. Fortunately, the binaries are usually all you need for dev environments.


Check asdf readme for instructions on how to install & manage versions of Redis.

When installing Redis using asdf install, you can pass custom configure options with the following env vars:

  • REDIS_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS - use only your configure options
  • REDIS_EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS - append these configure options along with ones that this plugin already uses