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Provides a python script to perform routine manipulations of .xyz coordinate files used in quantum chemistry. This script started out as Python practice but ended up being quite useful.


Give the script a filename and a list of operations and it will operate on the file and print the results to the screen. For example -tx 2.0 -rz 90.0 -ty -0.2

will transform the molecule found in by

  • translating by 2.0 Angstroms in the x direction
  • rotating 90 degrees about the z axis
  • translating by -0.2 Angstrom in the y direction

All operations are composed before applying to the molecule when possible, so the total operation count is kept down.


  • translations
    • by any specified vector
    • center of mass to origin
  • rotations
    • about a cartesian axis
    • about a user defined vector
    • about the vector defined by a pair of atoms
  • compound transformations:
    • orient:
      • translate center of mass to origin
      • principle axes along cartesian axes
    • align: given three atoms
      • translate midpoint of atoms 1 and 2 to origin
      • rotate so atoms 1 and 2 lie along x axis, and all three atoms define xy plane


  • numpy


Python script for command-line manipulation of molecules




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