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@msimerson msimerson released this Feb 16, 2016 · 29 commits to master since this release

  • Fix DMARC authentication-result string (#244)
  • Replace all occurances of CR in X-Spam-Status (#247)
  • In helo, check every regex, not just first (#246)
  • badrcpt use reason, and defined-ness test (#245)
  • DMARC plugin: Added option to disable reporting (#242)
  • Add perms test to Qpsmtpd::DB::File::DBM::dir() (#234)
  • Skip greylisting when we can't talk to greylist DB (#233)
  • Change fake_{config,hook} to mock_{config,hook} (#232)
  • Use a fake greeting for testing run_continuation() (#231)
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@msimerson msimerson released this Feb 11, 2015 · 69 commits to master since this release

  • tls: adding support of Perfect Forward Secrecy (biergaizi)
  • more test coverage
  • misc updates to tests and docs
  • use perl DNS methods instead of shell cmds
  • tidier testing (t/tmp/*) vs scattershot
  • greylisting plugin adds Redis support
  • Qpsmtpd::DB with DBM and Redis classes
  • Auth-Results header won't be modified if DKIM signed
  • ordering headers to improve SpamAssassin interaction (priyadi)
  • disable SSLv3
  • fcrdns: add tests and improved localhost detection
  • added data_post_headers hook (priyadi)
  • added preliminary support for GeoIP v2 and ASN lookups from GeoIP DBs
  • make content log location configurable
  • added script for fetching GeoIP dbs
  • added auth_imap plugin (Graham Todd)
  • improved IPv6 support
  • removed async everything (unsupported and stagnant)
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@msimerson msimerson released this Sep 6, 2014 · 474 commits to master since this release

  • Added null char in username check to auth_cvm plugin
  • Build updates for CentOS 6 (Robert Siddall)
  • SpamAssassin plugin fixes (Priyadi Nurcahyo)
  • Added plugins/stunnel (luzluna)
  • Fixed a config error in Apache/ (luzluna)
  • loadcheck: imported (Robert Siddall)
    • return a useful error message when temp rejecting connections (Priyadi)
  • smtp_forward: added Postfix XCLIENT support (Chase Venters)
  • smtp_forward: add the remote message id in log entry (tpoindessous)
  • clamdscan: added support for remote (TCP/IP) clamd (M Simerson)
  • Updated DMARC plugin to use Mail::DMARC
  • Updated SPF & DKIM plugins to store data for DMARC processing
  • karma plugin: added spammy TLD penalty
  • a few more log prefixes (corralling stragglers)
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