Some tools for EFI hackery
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A few tools for doing stuff to EFI-related things. Well, eventually it will be a few. For now it's just one.

A quick script for splitting up Apple EFI fat binaries into their individual per-architecture binary sections.


$ ./ SmcFlasher.efi 
processing 'SmcFlasher.efi'
this is an EFI fat binary with 2 architectures
architecture 0 (X86):
  offset: 0x30
  size:   0x8bd0
architecture 1 (X64):
  offset: 0x8c00
  size:   0x9e70
saving X86 section to 'SmcFlasher.efi.X86'
saving X64 section to 'SmcFlasher.efi.X64'