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A typeclass-based Prelude.
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A better Prelude. Haskell's Prelude needs to maintain backwards compatibility and has many aspects that no longer represents best practice. The goals of classy-prelude are:

  • remove all partial functions
  • modernize data structures
    • generally use Text instead of String
    • encourage the use of appropriate data structures such as Vectors or HashMaps instead of always using lists and associated lists
  • reduce import lists and the need for qualified imports

classy-prelude should only be used by application developers. Library authors should consider using mono-traversable, which classy-prelude builds upon.

It is worth noting that classy-prelude largely front-ran changes that the community made to the base Prelude in GHC 7.10.


Most of this functionality is provided by mono-traversable. Please read the README over there. classy-prelude gets rid of the o prefix from mono-traversable functions.


Lots of things use Text instead of String. Note that show returns a String. To get back Text, use tshow.

other functionality

  • exceptions package
  • system-filepath convenience functions
  • whenM, unlessM
  • hashNub and ordNub (efficient nub implementations).

Using classy-prelude

  • use the NoImplicitPrelude extension (you can place this in your cabal file) and import ClassyPrelude
  • use base-noprelude in your project and define a Prelude module that re-exports ClassyPrelue.


These blog posts contain some out-dated information but might be helpful

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