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Capybara driver for celerity
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Capybara Celerity Driver

A driver for Capybara using Celerity. It uses HtmlUnit a browser for Java programs.

NOTE that Celerity only works on JRuby, thus applies to this driver as well.


jruby -S gem install capybara-celerity


Setup the gem in Your Gemfile:

gem 'capybara-celerity', :platforms => :jruby

Set the driver in Your spec_helper.rb/test_helper.rb:

Capybara.javascript_driver = :celerity

or even better set the driver only for JRuby :

Capybara.javascript_driver = :celerity if defined?(JRUBY_VERSION)


Copyright (c) 2011 Gabriel Sobrinho, released under the MIT license.

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