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Instahelper - PreAlpha

Self Hosted Web Based Instagram Automation Tool

GoDoc Version Travis Go Report Card

This project is in it's early stages and shouldn't be considered ready for use until reaching Alpha status.


  1. Travel to Github Releases and download the latest release for your operating system.
  2. Navigate to the downloaded zip and unzip it
  3. Double click the instahelper file.

Project Goals

  • Simple

    • Pure Go for cross platform, portable binaries
    • Quickstart - Download & Run No Dependencies
    • Simple yet powerful web dashboard
    • One step updates
  • Powerful

    • Plethora of features comparable to Massplanner and Followliker
    • Customizable
  • Open Source

    • 100% open source
    • Licensed under GNU v3 ensuring all projects to be open source
    • No end of life, can be modified and customized to users need
  • Secure

    • Self Hosted
    • No need for 3rd party interactions
    • Direct connection to Instagram
    • Encrypted
  • Free

    • No hidden charges
    • 100% free
    • No need to pay for VPS unless wanted

Suggestions and Bug Reports

Thanks for helping us make Instahelper the greatest automation tool available! Please create a new issue to describe your suggestion/bug report.


  • FREE

Coming Soon

Planned Features

To be migrated towards Github Projects

  • Web based
  • Proxy support
  • Find and follow users (by keywords, by location...)
  • Find and follow a user's followers
  • Find and follow a user's following
  • Find and follow users who posted photos with a specific tag (users who tagged their photos with a hashtag or keyword)
  • Follow custom list of users (your own list of users)
  • Follow back your followers
  • Follow a user's followers and like/comment on certain number of photos of each follower simultaneously
  • Auto photo posting
  • Custom Jobs
  • Hosted mode
  • API for the developers / Lua Plugin System (?)
  • And much much more...
  • Have an idea? Post it on Github Issues and follow the suggestions guide


We welcome all help/contributions to Instahelper. Just follow this guide first. Setup and Contributing Guide


Creative Tim

Development Status:


Project isn't functioning yet, but will be soon! Master Branch is likely to be broken/subject to change. Updates may need to be done manually.