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Twtboardpro is world's first free and open source desktop based twitter marketing, management and analytics software. It helps you to manage all your twitter accounts for free. TwtBoardPro is a product of Socioboard solely created with an intention to manage multiple twitter accounts.It interfaces with the API of twitter like any other twitter applications and enables its users to carry on with the regular activity on the system like viewing profile, sending and receiving tweets, retweets, etc.It is basically utilized by twitter users to organize their friend’s tweets. With help of this amazing application, a twitter fan could handle as many tweets received from his/her friends.Using this amazing Desktop application,user can easily handle mass tweets,retweet,favorite and many more.


Basic Features:

Follower Management: Instant following with multiple accounts. Wired range of options to follow users.

Tweet Management: Keep your accounts active. Easily tweet, Retweet or Reply using trending keywords.

Unfollower Management: Get rid of users who are not following you back easily with a click. get different options to unfollow.

Account Actions: Allows you to always use the best accounts for your process and campaigns.check all accounts status here.

Wait & Reply: Upload a list of Messages and Keywords let the software tweet and reply.

Scrape Users Scrape users from keywords, names and also get a list of trending hash tags easily.

Tweet Creator Tweet using keywords to the targeted users. get tweets and retweet extracted.

Retweet & Favorite Resell or increase RTs & FAVs of specific tweets in no time.

Campaign Manager Easily create different campaigns for different process and run them all together.

Devices and Platforms :

twtboardpro is available on web, desktop and mobiles. We have Android and iOS apps which work in tandem with the web app.

Build Instructions


TwtBoard is world's first free and open source desktop based twitter marketing, management and analytics software.



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