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@darrachequesne darrachequesne released this 22 Jan 21:51
· 225 commits to main since this release
  • [feature] Add an initialPacket option (#471)
  • [fix] Discard packets when socket is closed (#469)
  • [docs] Fix spelling mistake (#466)
  • [chore] Bump to version 2.0.0 (#463)
  • [fix] allowRequest failures now return 403 Forbidden (#452)
  • [test] Fix test failure by increasing pingTimeout (#461)
  • [chore] Use uws as default wsEngine, and ws as fallback (#459)

Breaking changes:

  • #459: switching to uws as default WebSocket engine should bring significant improvement in performance (particularly in terms of memory consumption)
  • #463: the new version brings the following fix socketio/, which fixes a double utf8 encoding when polling

Important notes regarding the use of uws as WebSocket engine:

  • maxHttpBufferSize is hardcoded to 16 MiB, so it is not possible to send more than 16 MiB of data in a single message (edit: fixed in 3.1.0)
  • the per-message deflate extension that was available with ws is not supported by uws, so the perMessageDeflate option is ignored and data is not compressed