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Socket Mobile

👋 Welcome to Socket Mobile's GitHub Channel

This is the public home of CaptureSDK, a unified data capture SDK for accessing and controlling all Socket Mobile devices, including barcode readers, NFC reader/writers, barcode/NFC combo, and camera based barcode reader solutions, all in one integration. To learn more about the SDK, check out the documentation site.

🙋‍♀️ Commonly used repos

Native iOS development

SDK Sample Note
CaptureSDK with Swift Package Manager SingleEntry Swift (Swift Package Manager) Swift and Objective C
CaptureSDK with CocoaPods SingleEntry Swift (Cocoapods) Swift and Objective C

Native Android development

Android SDK is hosted on Maven. Refer to this link for how to add the SDK for Android or plain Java development.


Native Windows development

Windows SDK is hosted on Nuget. Refer to this link for how to add the SDK.


Cross platform development

SDK Sample Note
CaptureSDK React Native SingleEntry RN For iOS and Android
CaptureSDK Flutter Capture Flutter Sample For iOS and Android
C#/Xamarin/MAUI Capture .NET MAUI Sample For iOS, Android and Windows


  1. swift-package-capturesdk swift-package-capturesdk Public

    CaptureSDK is the easiest solution for adding barcode scanning and RFID/NFC reading capability to an iOS application

    Objective-C 6 1

  2. cocoapods-capturesdk cocoapods-capturesdk Public

    CaptureSDK for iOS

    Objective-C 6

  3. capturesingleentryswift-ios capturesingleentryswift-ios Public

    SingleEntry in Swift using the Capture SDK

    Swift 4 2

  4. singleentryusingcapture singleentryusingcapture Public

    Windows SingleEntry app using Capture SDK

    C# 2 2

  5. stockcount-ios stockcount-ios Public

    Inventory application using Capture SDK

    Swift 4 1

  6. old-capture-java old-capture-java Public

    Java sample Android apps for Capture



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