the most user-friendly L2TP/IPsec VPN server
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This project is deprecated! It will not work with next Ubuntu releases


  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • 512 MB RAM


curl -sS | sudo bash

Web UI

Browse at http://IP-ADDRESS:8080


  • instavpn list - Show all credentials
  • instavpn stat - Show bandwidth statistics
  • instavpn psk get - Get pre-shared key
  • instavpn psk set <psk> - Set pre-shared key
  • instavpn user get <username> - Get password
  • instavpn user set <username> <password> - Set password or create user if not exists
  • instavpn user delete <username> - Delete user
  • instavpn user list - List all users
  • instavpn web mode [on|off] - Turn on/off web UI
  • instavpn web set <username> <password> - Set username/password for web UI

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