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PZhelp is what is left from an educational subset of the C (and later C++) programming language that was intended for teaching Introduction to Computer Programming to first-year students of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. The original subset was called Pazcal and came a set of notes, written by Stathis Zachos and Nikos Papaspyrou. The notes (in Greek) now use PZhelp.

PZhelp is actually just a header file defining a set of C macros that are meant to facilitate first-year students learning C++. All these macros are written in UPPERCASE letters, so they can be easily distinguished from things existing in regular C.


#include "pzhelp"

  WRITELN("hello world!");

You can find the full documentation of the macros defined in PZhelp written in English and Greek.


To install PZhelp to your computer, assuming you are running Linux or Mac OS, or that you know what to do with your Windows:

  1. Make sure you have g++ or clang++ installed and working. Any other C++ compiler will do fine.

  2. Copy the file pzhelp to either to a directory that is in your C++ compiler's include path, or to the same directory where you have your C++ source files.

This should be enough...


The implementation of Pazcal is maintained by