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Cucumber for Haskell

An effort to bring Cucumber-ish BDD to Haskell.

Want to help? Join in at #hspec on freenode!


Let's start with a simple feature:

Feature: Beta reduction of lambda terms

  In order to be able to reduce lambda terms
  As a programmer
  I want a function that reduces lambda terms

  Scenario: Reducing a simple lambda term
    Given a lambda term "(λx.x)y"
    When I parse it
    And I reduce it
    And I pretty-print it
    Then the result should be "y"

This should result in the following test term:

test = (show . reduce . parse) "(λx.x)y" `shouldBe` "y"


test = flip shouldBe "y" (show (reduce (parse (id "(λx.x)y"))))

So how would we give step definitions for that? Currently I think Template Haskell is our best bet. (I do not really like it! If you have any other ideas, please let me know.)

$(given "a lambda term \"([^\"]*)\"") = id

$(when "I parse it") = parse

$(when "I reduce it") = reduce

$(when "I pretty-print it") = show

$(then_ "the result should be \"([^\"]*)\"") = flip shouldBe

This would then expand to something like:

given_0 :: String -> Maybe String
given_0 = case match input "a lambda term \"([^\"]*)\"" of
  [x] -> Just (id x)
  _   -> Nothing

when_0 :: String -> Maybe (String -> Term)
when_0 input
  | input == "I parse it" = Just parse
  | otherwise             = Nothing

when_1 :: String -> Maybe (Term -> Term)
when_1 input
  | input == "I reduce it" = Just reduce
  | otherwise              = Nothing

when_2 :: Show a => String -> Maybe (a -> String)
when_2 input
  | input == "I pretty-print it" = Just show
  | otherwise                    = Nothing

then_0 :: String -> Maybe Expectation
then_0 input = case match input "the result should be \"([^\"]*)\"" of
  [x] -> Just (flip shouldBe x)
  _   -> Nothing

In theory, constructing the test term from that is easy:

import Data.Maybe
import Control.Applicative

test = fromJust $
      then_0  "the result should be \"y\""
  <*> when_2  "I pretty-print it"
  <*> when_1  "I reduce it"
  <*> when_0  "I parse it"
  <*> given_0 "a lambda term \"(λx.x)y\""

What to do if multiple things are given?

The resulting values could than be applied to the term we get from the first When step.



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