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For information about the regenbox project or to pre-order hardware, go to

goregen is the web remote control interface for your regenbox



We've got a slack running at
To get auto-invited you need to enter your e-mail address here

Everyone's welcome to chat about the project or get live help from the team.

Drivers installation

Before being able to connect to your Regenbox, you're gonna need arduino drivers.
Refer to the drivers section for detailed instructions on how to do so.


releases page

Download latest release for your OS / architecture at the releases page

or via go get

You can download from source using go get, if you're familiar with it.
go get -v

Firmware installation

After drivers are installed and you downloaded your goregen release, the next step is to upload the file firmware.ino into the Arduino of your Regenbox.
Once again refer to firmware section for detailed instructions.


If you have proper driver installed & the firmware installed, open a terminal to the extracted folder and run goregen which should output something like this:

rkj@rkdeb:/tmp/goregen$ ./goregen
2017/06/21 12:51:33 using config file: /tmp/goregen/config.toml
2017/06/21 12:51:33 trying "/dev/ttyUSB0"...
2017/06/21 12:51:33 connected to "/dev/ttyUSB0" in 404.825718ms
2017/06/21 12:51:33 starting conn watcher (poll rate: 1s)
2017/06/21 12:51:33 starting webserver on http://localhost:3636 ...


A default configuration config.toml is shipped with goregen releases.
You need to modify it using a text editor with appropriate values where needed, restart of goregen is required for reloading configuration.

Resistor = "10.2"               # The value of the resistor you're using in Ohms
# Device = "/dev/myRegenBox"    # By default goregen will try to detect your regenbox, no need to specify this (advanced use)

  BetaId = ""                   # Beta ID as provided with your Regenbox
  Name = ""                     # Your aka

  BetaRef = ""                  # Beta reference as provided with your Regenbox
  Type = ""                     # AAA / AA...
  Voltage = 0                   # In millivolts
  Brand = ""                    # Battery brand
  Model = ""                    # Battery model

  Mode = "Charger"              # Charger / Discharger / Cycler (usually set using web interface controls)
  NbHalfCycles = 10             # In Cycler mode, number of half-cycles to do before stopping 
  UpDuration = "24h0m0s"        # Maximum duration for a Charge cycle
  DownDuration = "24h0m0s"      # Maximum duration for a Discharge cycle
  TopVoltage = 1500             # Target voltage for a Charge cycle 
  BottomVoltage = 900           # Target voltage for a Discharge cycle
  Ticker = "10s"                # Check & save to datalog battery voltage every
  ChargeFirst = false           # In Cycler mode, start with a charge cycle if true, else discharge
#------------These are a bit more advanced and shouldn't need modification. 

  ListenAddr = "localhost:3636" # Listening address & port for the local server
  StaticDir = "static"          # Path to static assets, extracted with goregen -assets
  DataDir = "data"              # Path to charts datalogs
  WebsocketInterval = "1s"      # Check regenbox state on web interface every

  ConnPollRate = "1s"           # Check USB connection to Regenbox every

[Serial]                        # Advanced serial settings
  BaudRate = 57600
  DataBits = 8
  Parity = 0
  StopBits = 0

open web browser at http://localhost:3636/

If you see a blank oscilloscope and the mention Status: Disconnected, it means something's not quite ready yet on the hardware side, please refer to the drivers section

goregen -h

rkj@rkdeb:~/go/src/$ ./goregen -h
Usage of ./goregen:
  -assets string
    	restore static assets to provided directory & exit
  -config string
    	path to config (defaults to <root>/config.toml)
  -data string
    	path to data directory (defaults to <root>/data)
  -dev string
    	path to serial port, if empty it will be searched automatically
  -log string
    	path to logs directory (defaults to <root>/log)
  -root string
    	path to goregen's main directory (defaults to executable path)
  -v	higher verbosity
    	print version & exit


The project is oh-so-young and needs help from everyone. Testing and documenting comes to mind, in the wiki section for example which needs love, feedback and evolution with the project. Any form of contribution to the code-base is also definitely welcome, for now no specifics are in place but usual guidelines apply.

Bug reports

Please provide as much information as possible and post an issue at the issues page :