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Solana Lending Program

The Solend lending protocol is based on the token-lending program authored by Solana labs. The Solend implementation can be found here.

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The Solend protocol is open source with a focus on developer friendliness and integrations.

Solend is made for developers to build on top of. Check out our developer portal to get involved.

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Solana Program Library

The Solana Program Library (SPL) is a collection of on-chain programs targeting the Sealevel parallel runtime. These programs are tested against Solana's implementation of Sealevel, solana-runtime, and deployed to its mainnet. As others implement Sealevel, we will graciously accept patches to ensure the programs here are portable across all implementations.

Full documentation is available at


Environment Setup

  1. Install the latest Rust stable from
  2. Install Solana v1.6.1 or later from
  3. Install the libudev development package for your distribution (libudev-dev on Debian-derived distros, libudev-devel on Redhat-derived).


The normal cargo build is available for building programs against your host machine:

$ cargo build

To build a specific program, such as SPL Token, for the Solana BPF target:

$ cd token/program
$ cargo build-bpf


Unit tests contained within all projects can be run with:

$ cargo test      # <-- runs host-based tests
$ cargo test-bpf  # <-- runs BPF program tests

To run a specific program's tests, such as SPL Token:

$ cd token/program
$ cargo test      # <-- runs host-based tests
$ cargo test-bpf  # <-- runs BPF program tests

Integration testing may be performed via the per-project .js bindings. See the token program's js project for an example.


$ cargo clippy


$ ./  # Please help! Coverage build currently fails on MacOS due to an XCode `grcov` mismatch...

Release Process

SPL programs are currently tagged and released manually. Each program is versioned independently of the others, with all new development occurring on master. Once a program is tested and deemed ready for release:

Bump Version

  • Increment the version number in the program's Cargo.toml
  • Generate a new program ID and replace in <program>/ and <program>/src/
  • Run cargo build-bpf <program> to update relevant C bindings. (Note the location of the generated spl_<program>.so for attaching to the Github release.)
  • Open a PR with these version changes and merge after passing CI.

Create Github tag

Program tags are of the form <program>-vX.Y.Z. Create the new tag at the version-bump commit and push to the solana-program-library repository, eg:

$ git tag token-v1.0.0 b24bfe7
$ git push upstream --tags

Publish Github release

  • Go to GitHub Releases UI
  • Click "Draft new release", and enter the new tag in the "Tag version" box.
  • Title the release "SPL vX.Y.Z", complete the description, and attach the spl_<program>.so binary
  • Click "Publish release"

Publish to

Navigate to the program directory and run cargo package to test the build. Then run cargo publish.




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  • Shell 2.1%