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Peapod Hackathon

Hackathon Ideas in Peapod.


We are going to have a regular schedule for the hackathon event. The event will be hosted every Wednesday in Peapod HQ if there is no cancellation notification.


Pick any of ideas below or your own ideas, and hack it in 3 hour window, and try to demo it at the end of the Hackathon. No prizes, and no pressures. Just have fun , and show off your skills/ideas.

List of ideas

  • Alfred workflow for initiating deployments
  • Driver's real time routing visualization from Road Net
  • SQL Query Results Export CLI (Util Tool) [WIP by Andy]
  • Test Data Loader CLI (Util Tool)
  • Custom dashboard for splunk logs on Raspberry PI
  • Deploy automation scripts for Release Notes, and post to Slack and related mail lists
  • Google Assistant for adding order to Peapod
  • Peapod CLI, a hacky way to order from Peapod [WIP by Marlon]
  • Web Interface to Peapod CLI - terminal web emulator to CLI
  • Peapod Tinder-like Product Preference App (B2B) Peapod Swipe [WIP by soleo, andy, marlon and dan]
  • Selenium smoke test for Peapod app
  • Peapod search term, failed finds, etc. wordcloud visualization
  • Peapod app (Dynamo) specific dead code finder
  • Price comparison app [WIP by Justin]
  • Non-ahold store receipts images convert to past purchase items
  • Wasm-based toolchain/product
  • Assisted development environment setup (think Ninite but curses-based)
  • Kotlin-based mobile app (if possible)
  • Wifi-based context service (when device connects to wifi, do a thing)
  • Desktop integration, Electron-based or otherwise
  • Peapod ordering server (another way to integrate Peapod stuff)
  • Kitchen status service (has something gone bad, etc.)
  • Daily/Weekly Profiling from Webpagetest to check critical path of our service as a external user
  • Check if any splash page has invalid links meaning zero search results

How to contribute

We are looking for hackers, designers and foodies to contribute to our hackathon.

  • Hackers: Building cool CLI, Raspberry PI apps
  • Designers: Logo, doodle, UX/UI improvements etc.
  • Foodies: Chatting about what features you itch most in food related apps


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jeroen Engels


Ray Perry


Andrew Kang


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

What is Peapod?

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Hackathon Ideas in Peapod








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