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Collection of scripts, functions, and examples using the SolidFire Tools for PowerShell
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NetApp SolidFire PowerShell Tools

Version 1.5.1



The SolidFire PowerShell Tools is a collection of Microsoft® Windows® PowerShell functions that use SolidFire API to control a SolidFire storage system. These functions allow administrators to query for information, make changes to objects in a storage system, and develop complex scripts on a single platform. Users can implement this module with other modules and snap-ins, such as VMware® PowerCLI and Cisco® UCS PowerTool, to extend capabilities throughout the infrastructure.

Any user with a SolidFire storage system and Windows PowerShell can take advantage of the SolidFire PowerShell Tools. Users of the SolidFire PowerShell Tools should have an understanding of Windows PowerShell functions.


The SolidFire Powershell Module can be installed directly on multiple systems by following these instructions:

System Installation
Windows Instructions
Mac Instructions
Linux (Ubuntu/Centos) Instructions
Docker Instructions

Release Notes

Click here to download latest release notes

Click here to download User Guide Doc

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