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Repo containing consolidated docs for Gloo community and enterprise editions
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Solo Docs

Consolidated repo for building and deploying Solo docs.


The consolidated open source and enterprise Gloo docs are in the gloo directory. The content of this directory includes:

  • Autogenerated API reference docs, produced during code generation for Gloo based on the protocol buffer definitions. These live in the docs/v1 directory, and new API docs are pushed here every time Gloo open source or enterprise are released. The files in this directory should not be modified manually.
  • Autogenerated CLI reference docs, produced for Gloo based on the CLI implementation. These live in the docs/cli directory, and new CLI docs are pushed here every time Gloo open source or enterprise are released. These files should also not be modified manually.
  • Manually created docs, static content, and theme overrides.


The Sqoop docs are in the sqoop directory.


To build any of these docs sites locally:

  • Clone the repo
  • Install hugo (currently the CI build uses Hugo 0.54)
  • Navigate to the desired product directory and run make serve-site.

This will build the site and host it by default on localhost:1313.


We welcome contributions to the docs. Please test changes locally, and then open a pull request on this repo. The pull request must be reviewed and approved by a member of Solo.

Version management and publishing.

Currently, this repo contains the consolidated docs for the latest versions of Gloo and Sqoop. When a PR merges into master, the docs are automatically deployed to and

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