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Welcome to CHANCE (CHiP-seq ANalytics and Confidence Estimation)!

The core algorithm of CHANCE has been re-implemented in deepTools (bamFingerprint). The underlying normalization framework has been implemented in the differential peak caller THOR. We recommend these tools.

If you find our statistical approach useful for analyzing your data, please cite: A. Diaz, K. Park, D. Lim, J.S. Song. Normalization, bias correction, and peak calling for ChIP-seq, Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. March 2012, 11(3).

Download the pdf manual or browse it online.

Download binary executables and sample data from github or from the Song lab.

Join the google user's group!


11/30/12-TAIR10 support is in beta, note that ENCODE doesn't have Aribidopsis data atm so functionionality requiring ENCODE is disabled.