Faster deploy tool using tarballs and serf
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Mamiya - Faster deploy tool using tarballs and serf

Build Status

What's mamiya?

Mamiya allows you to deploy without ssh -- using tarballs, some storages (S3, etc), and Serf. Build application package on CI or somewhere, then distribute earlier (before you say "Deploy!"). You can switch to a new application quickly, when you're saying "deploy."

Mamiya uses similar directory structure with Capistrano 'deploy_to' -- you can try this easy.

Quick Start

See ./docs/

Example configuration

example directory contains configuration files that work out-of-the-box. Try Mamiya in your local machine: foreman start

Problems in existing deploy tool

Existing major deploy tools (capistrano, mina, ...) use SSH to operate servers. But connecting to lot of servers via SSH makes deployment slow.

Mamiya solves such problem by using Serf and tarball on one storage (Amazon S3).

Also, I'm planning to allow to distribute files before the deploy command. I guess this can skip or shorten file transferring phase in deploy.

In the production


Upgrade Notes

See docs/


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