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Information to reproduce results from SV-COMP
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SV-COMP Replicability

This repository describes the configuration of the competition machines (below) and the benchmark definition for each verifier (folder benchmark-defs), in order to make results from SV-COMP more replicable.

Parameters of RunExec for SV-COMP

--read-only-dir /
--hidden-dir /home
--overlay-dir /etc
--hidden-dir /sys/kernel/debug
--hidden-dir /var/lib/cloudy # environment-specific
--read-only-dir /run/systemd/resolve
--set-cgroup-value pids.max=5000
--filesSizeLimit 15GB
--filesCountLimit 10000
--output-directory <work-dir>
--overlay-dir <run-dir>
--maxOutputSize 2MB
--dir <work-dir>
--output <logfile>
--timelimit <depends on benchmark XML>
--softtimelimit 900s # only if specified in benchmark XML
--memlimit 15GB
--memoryNodes 0 # hardware-specific
--cores 0-7 # hardware-specific

Ubuntu Packages on Apollon Machines for SV-COMP

Added Packages

  • linux-image-generic
  • ubuntu-minimal
  • openjdk-8-jdk-headless
  • gcc-multilib // cpp, development headers
  • libgomp1 // for Z3
  • make // for fshellw2t
  • clang // SV-COMP'19 AProVE
  • mono-devel // SV-COMP'19 AProVE, SMACK
  • gcc-5-multilib // SV-COMP'19 PredatorHP
  • python // SV-COMP'19 PredatorHP, Symbiotic
  • python-lxml // SV-COMP'19 Symbiotic
  • linux-libc-dev:i386 // SV-COMP'19 CBMC
  • python-sklearn // SV-COMP'19 VeriFuzz
  • python-pandas // SV-COMP'19 VeriFuzz
  • python-pycparser // SV-COMP'19 CSeq
  • unzip // SV-COMP'19 JBMC
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