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2021.01 Update

This tool is now no longer required thankfully, as APKMirror is serving exclusively decrypted APKM files (these are just regular ZIP files)!

See illogical-robot/apkmirror-public#119 for more discussion.

I've added a check to test whether the file provided to UnApkm is a regular zip file; this tool will still work on any old downloads of .apkm's you have!

Old introduction

There's a new split apk file format in town (apkm -, but it's encrypted.

This is not helpful for modding or anything else really. And the only installer for it makes you watch ads/pay a subcription just to install otherwise free apps (? even play store doesn't do this - it seems a bit spammy and these aren't even their own apps they're hosting!)

This tool decrypts them into a more standard APKS format that can be opened with 7zip so you can install it yourself with or another open source tool - installing apps shouldn't be a proprietary feature!

  java -jar unapkm.jar <path/to/apkm> <path/to/output>