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Deploy Sourcegraph on DigitalOcean using Terraform
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Deploying Sourcegraph on DigitalOcean

This Terraform plan creates an SSH key and Droplet and deploys the latest stable version of Sourcegraph with TLS using a self-signed certificate.

DigitalOcean Terraform

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  • Make
  • Terraform
  • mkcert (optional but required for self-signed cert validation)

NOTE: A basic level of knowledge and experience using Terraform is required.

Terraform DigitalOcean authentication

Authentication requires a a DigitalOcean API token set to the DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN environment variable.

Terraform plan configuration

The existence of a terraform.tfvars file is required. To create it, copy the contents of terraform.tfvars.sample to a new terraform.tfvars file and review to see which variables (if any) you'd like to set.

The only required variable is ssh_key_file.


The Makefile has commands to cover the most common use-cases. The easiest way to create your Droplet is to run:

make deploy

This will create the Droplet and poll the server to let you know when Sourcegraph is ready.

Other commands include:

  • make init: Downloads the required Terraform provider packages.
  • make plan: Review what resources Terraform will create, change or remove.
  • make apply: Creates the Droplet and SSH key.
  • make sourcegraph: Waits for Sourcegraph to accept connections.
  • make output: Displays the same output as when make apply completes.
  • make destroy: Removes the Droplet and SSH key.

WARNING: make destroy will destroy the Droplet so back-up the /etc/sourcegraph and /var/opt/sourcegraph directories first.

Upgrading Sourcegraph

  1. SSH into the Droplet
  2. Run ./sourcegraph-upgrade

The newer Docker image will be pulled and Sourcegraph will be restarted.


./bin/ line 58: timeout: command not found

The bin/ script uses the timeout binary which is not included in macOS. Install using homebrew:

  brew install coreutils
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