Assets 2


  • Context options - now it's possible to define custom engine configuration per catalog. Read more about it in our how-to blog and in official configuration docs.
  • SourceJS is now installable as a node module, and in 0.6.0 we will define it as an official way of using the engine. It's now also published on npm, to follow this installation path run npm i sourcejs --save in your user folder and then run engine with node ./node_modules/sourcejs/app.
  • Added "Update navigation button" to global nav layout.
  • SourceJS core repo now supports CI with full test cycle.
  • With this release we introduced lighter version of SourceJS with no JSDom dependency, with which some Windows user we're facing problems earlier. Get this custom, no-jsdom build here. In 0.6.0 we're planning to totally replace JSDom with Cheerio in main build.


  • In 0.5.0 we introduced specs watcher for automatic updates of navigation tree, now we made it more stable and runnable as a sub-process.
  • New configuration for views (page templating), read more about in in our how-to blog.
  • File tree parser is now more robust, and can read even more data without actual spec file provided.
  • Fixing Windows specific issues in Node 0.11+ #130.
  • Improved build scripts, now Grunt is packed as a node dependency, and you won't need a global installation of it.
  • And other various bug fixes and improvements.


  • Removed specUtils.getSpecFile, use specUtils.getSpecFromDir instead.
  • Preparing to 0.6.0 release, we separated PhantomJS spec HTML parser module. It's now turned off by default and will be moved to plugins in next major release #143.
  • We started refactoring the options files structure, separating configuration from huge assets and core objects. This release we added rendering group, where specFiles and new views configuration were moved from core. Older options structure will be supported till next major release.

Follow our milestone planning to keep it sync with latest plans.