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etcd v3 Web UI
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etcd v3 Web UI based on Golang && React, copy from consul ui :)

supporting hierarchy on etcd v3, based on e3ch

Quick Start

git clone
cd e3w
docker-compose up
# open http://localhost:8080

Or use docker image by docker pull soyking/e3w, more details in Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml








1.Fetch the project go get


cd static
npm install
npm run publish


a. Start etcd, such as goreman

b. Install packages by dep if needed, dep ensure

c. Edit conf/config.default.ini if needed, go build && ./e3w

d. For auth:

ETCDCTL_API=3 etcdctl auth enable
# edit conf/config.default.ini[app]#auth
# you could set your username and password in SETTING page image

Install dependencies in 3.b, then run docker build -t soyking/e3w .


  • When you want to add some permissions in directories to a user, the implement of hierarchy in e3ch requires you to set a directory's READ permission. For example, if role roleA has the permission of directory dir1/dir2, then it should have permissions:

     KV Read:
     	[dir1/dir2/, dir1/dir20) (prefix dir1/dir2/)
     KV Write:
     	[dir1/dir2/, dir1/dir20) (prefix dir1/dir2/)

    When userA was granted roleA, userA could open the by to view and edit the key/value

  • Access key/value by etcdctl, issue. But the best way to access key/value is using e3ch.

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