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TypeScript's typings for some popular node.js modules
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Latest commit 3bbfb15 @soywiz Merge pull request #52 from bardt/patch-1
Add options parameter to append method
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DefinitelyTyped @ e147cc1 - Include a module reference to DefinitelyTyped.
.gitignore - More additions
.gitmodules - Include a module reference to DefinitelyTyped. Update
async.d.ts Update async.d.ts
atpl.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
aws-sdk.d.ts merged upstream
cheerio.d.ts Added winston, various small fixes
colors.d.ts - Added colors
connect.d.ts - Updated mongodb and added connect
consolidate.d.ts - Consolidate
cron.d.ts added node-cron
express-sessions.d.ts - Some fixes
express-useragent.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
express2.d.ts - Added definitions from typescript samples directories
express3-useragent.d.ts - Fixed remaining export import
express3.d.ts Fix how-to-use comment for Typescript change.
fibers.d.ts - More additions
form-data.d.ts Add options parameter to append method
fs-extra.d.ts added compatibility for TypeScript 0.9.5
gently.d.ts update gently usage to used typed variable
glob.d.ts - Added glob.d.ts
imagemagick.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
jquery.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
less.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
memory-cache.d.ts Added definitions for memory-cache and mustache
mime.d.ts - Added mime.d.ts
mkdirp.d.ts - Added mkdirp.d.ts
mocha.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
moment.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
mongodb.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
mu2.d.ts Added definitions for memory-cache and mustache
nconf.d.ts added compatibility for TypeScript 0.9.5
nock.d.ts Updates for Typescript 0.9
node.d.ts Issue #49 - url.Url.query now has type 'any'
nodeunit.d.ts make nodeunit definition compatible with --noImplicitAny
optimist.d.ts - Added optimist
passport.d.ts Added ts for passport (
q.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
redis.d.ts Renamed redits.d.ts to redis.d.ts
request.d.ts fix request cookieJar interface
rimraf.d.ts - Added rimraf.d.ts
semver.d.ts - Added semver.d.ts
send.d.ts - Some updates to 0.9.1
should.d.ts - Some fixes - Some updates to 0.9.1
sprintf.d.ts - Added sprintf.d.ts
superagent.d.ts - Some fixes
supertest.d.ts - Some fixes
swig.d.ts - Added swig
swiz.d.ts Updates for Typescript 0.9
teechart.d.ts TeeChart.js definitions for TypeScript (
timezone-js.d.ts Added timezone-js
twig.d.ts - Added twig.d.ts
underscore.d.ts added compatibility for TypeScript 0.9.5
underscore.string.d.ts - Added underscore.string.d.ts from…
uuid.d.ts added some support for Simple Workflow
watch.d.ts - Updated to 0.8.2
winston.d.ts Updated for TS 0.9. Added debug() function (maps to log('debug')).
wrench.d.ts - Added wrench.d.ts

This project aims to contain several definitions of common node.js libraries for TypeScript language in order to have autocomplete support.

It would be great if the creators of node modules, include definition files directly on their projects. In the meanwhile this project will do the job.

Initial definition files are from the TypeScript project "samples" folder, that can be found here:

You can perform pull requests improving definitions or adding new ones. I will add them ASAP.

In order to be able to use it easily, you can create a git submodule for your project adding this in the .gitmodules file:

[submodule "typescript-node-definitions"]
    path = typescript-node-definitions
    url = git://

Also you can create a "app.d.ts" file or similar including all the definitions file that are you using in your project:

///<reference path='typescript-node-definitions/node.d.ts'/>
///<reference path='typescript-node-definitions/mongodb.d.ts'/>
///<reference path='typescript-node-definitions/express3.d.ts'/>
///<reference path='typescript-node-definitions/consolidate.d.ts'/>
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