Provides a unified way to collect and distribute data live from potentially any social network
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kral (pronounced: "crawl") is a python library intended to be a flexible solution for retreiving live streaming data from a variety of social network apis on given keyword(s), and yeilding the retreived data in a unified format.

Current Features

  • Ability to harvest user information, and posts from Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Identica, Youtube, Flickr, Wordpress
  • Ability to expand all short-urls into full real URLs.
  • Ability to track number of mentions of a given URL across multiple networks.
  • Modular design. Easily add or disable plugins for different social networks.


  • Python 2.6 - 2.7
  • pip

Usage / Installation

  1. Install kral

    pip install -e git+
  2. Configure

    Edit ~/kral/config.ini file with your credentials.

  3. Collect data

    From here you can start using the generator to collect data within your appliction.

    Example that outputs the latest social data on "android" and "bitcoin" across all available networks.

    import kral
    for item in['android','bitcoin']):
        print "%s | %s" % (item.service,item.text)

    Example that outputs the latest social data on "obama" using only twitter.

    import kral
    for item in'obama','twitter'):
        print "%s | %s" % (item.service,item.text)

    You can also collect data via the CLI interface.

    kral stream  --services="twitter,facebook" --queries="android"

    For more information on the CLI interface run:

    kral --help


Many more features coming soon as this project is under active development.

This is by no means production-ready code. Do not actually use it in production unless you wish to be eaten by a grue.

Questions/Comments? Please check us out on IRC via irc://