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Building software companies and meaningful open source projects

Photo of our office

Hi, we’re Sparksuite 👋

We’re a small team with a relentless focus on mighty fine software. Day-to-day we’re building industry-leading software companies like HOA Express and GradePro. These companies wouldn’t be what they are today without the myriad of open source libraries, tools, and technologies they rely on. To give back, we’ve open sourced a number of tools that solve problems our own engineers have run into.

😃 Company culture

Software isn’t our only passion—we’re passionate about company culture too! Over the last decade-plus, we’ve built a culture and environment that’s designed to foster the best in our team. The people who make up the Sparksuite family are our greatest resource, so we treat them that way. And that’s not just talk—see our open salary calculator and transparent employee handbook, both of which are open sourced on GitHub.

Curious for more? We also post about what life is like in the Sparksuite family on our company Instagram account.

🤙 Join the team

Are you just as passionate about high quality software as we are? See if we’re hiring:


  1. An employee handbook designed for transparency and clarity

    HTML 35 11

  2. Transparent, predictable, & holistic compensation

    TypeScript 5

  3. A modern, clean, and very simple responsive HTML invoice template

    HTML 1.2k 1.1k

  4. A simple Hook for creating fully accessible dropdown menus in React

    TypeScript 99 25

  5. Easily validate CSS using W3C’s public CSS validator service

    TypeScript 7 1

  6. rugged Public

    Orchestrate package testing across uneven terrain

    TypeScript 4