A library which implements qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning techniques.
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Zeno - The Library for Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Reasoning

Zeno is a library for qualitative spatio-temporal reasoning written in Haskell. It also contains a suite of benchmarks for qualitative spatio-temporal calculi.

It provides several semi-decision procedures for the consistency of constraint networks in qualitative spatio-temporal calculi. In addition to native implementations it interfaces the common reasoning tools »SparQ«, »Gqr», »lp_solve« and »Yices«.

It also contains a testsuite of benchmarks and an automated benchmarking tool comparing the given decision procedures regarding several parameters of interest like the density of atomic networks and the common phase transition of the tested procedures.

Procedures implemented or integrated so far are:

  • Algebraic Closure (binary and ternary) (via Gqr and SparQ)
  • Algebraic Geometric Reasoning (via SparQ)
  • Triangle Consistency for the LR Calculus (cf Lücke et al.)
  • Oriented Matroids (including Biquadratic Final Polynomials)
  • Angle Consistency for Oriented Points (and thus for OPRA-m)

There will be a manual soon.

Collaboration welcome!

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration instead of competition. So if you have any wishes or ideas please let us know.


  • Questions and Discussion: A mailing list might be available sometime. So long please feel free to ask André van Delden personally.
  • Bug reports: Issue tracker



Zeno is distributed under a BSD License with one important addition. See LICENSE for details.