Create debian packages from python packages, without all the fuss.
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Debianize, create debian packages from python packages

Debianize uses fpm ( to create debian packages from python source directories. The only thing it really adds, is that debianize will also create packages for all depencencies that your source package has (install_requires). Debianize will only create a debian package from a python package. So you need a

Usage -m "nobody <>" -i django -i buildthistoo

Accepted flags

-m The maintainer string ("nobody <>") (If different as defined in
-i Using this flag makes following dependencies explicit. It will only
   build dependencies listed in install_requires that match the regex
   specified after -i. Use -i multiple times to specify multiple packages
-I Use this flag to ignore a dependencies from being built. Packages that
   match the regex specified after -I. Use -I multiple times add more ignore
-f full path to fpm binary to use.
-p full path to pip binary to use.

All flags are optional. Anything after an unknown flag has been encountered, will be passed to fpm as arguments. -i and -I are mutually exclusive.


If you've got a folder named upstart next to your, this folder will be packaged as well, with the same version number as your package, but adding a .d postfix to your package name.