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Simple ruby wrapper for sending queries to YQL.
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YQL-Simple - A simple Ruby gem for YQL

This is Ruby gem makes working with YQL queries a little bit easier. It does not do anything fancy, it just sends an HTTP request to YQL with the given query and returns the results as a hash.


The gem is hosted on, so you just need to includ gem "yql_simple" in your Gemfile in order to install the gem.


Example of doing a twitter search. You can find the full code in the examples folder.

require "yql_simple"

simple_client =

query_string = 'SELECT * FROM WHERE q="#ruby" LIMIT 5'
response = simple_client.query(query_string)

response["query"]["results"]["results"].each do |tweet| 
  date = Time.parse(tweet["created_at"]).strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")  
  puts "[#{date}] #{tweet["from_user"]}: #{tweet["text"]}"

This will output something like this:

[2011-05-15 13:12] eyoosuf: Rails and Django for Quick thinking Developers, PHP for Lazy Developers #PHP #RUBY #ROR #PYTHON #Rails #Django
[2011-05-15 12:57] rudkovsky: Looking for a job! #rails #ruby #job



  • added OAuth supported for 2-legged OAuth with YQL

0.0.1 (unreleased)

  • added minimal RDoc documentation
  • RDoc will be generated with rake rdoc or when installing the gem
  • test installation via bundler and :git

Continuous Integration

Shows the current built status of this gem, as reported by Travis CI

Build Status

Notes for Contributors

I am using bundler for the fetching the dependencies, RSpec for the testing, and RDoc for code documentation.

  • build and install

    (sudo) rake install

  • run the tests (this will check for a folder 'spec' and run rspec against all _spec files)

    rake spec

  • generate rdoc (the rdoc documentation will be generated in ./doc)

    rake rdoc

  • get a list of rake tasks

    rake -T

  • building the gem

    gem build yql_simple.gemspec

Useful Reads for Gem Building

Alternative Gems

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